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 rome total war tips

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PostSubject: rome total war tips   rome total war tips Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 9:30 am

rome total war might be an old game but its fun and has great graphics. here is my tips regarding castles both defending and attacking.

once you have castles build as many archer units as you can ,when put on the walls they can strip down attacking armys to the point of them running away. when placing archers for oncomming attacks dont put too many in the center most of the time the attacking army will go to one side and sit looking at your high walls ,leaving your archers to enjoy the target practice ,the trick is dont let them be ready for war, as soon as your castle comes under seige defend it ,if you wait you will find yourself up to your neck in seige towers!


first of all if your attacking stone walls you need some trebouche (rock throwers) and the more the merrier , knock a hole in the walls but before you do look for the quickest rout to the center.
dont go rushing in as soon as you have made a hole take a bit more time to knock a few towers down near the hole ,this will save your troops.
never use the gates ,its a trap and your horses will be killed with oil.
once you have made a hole and sorted the near by towers move some archers on to the walls ,then you use there walls to fire on their men (and they never expect that)
if you are attacking a big city move your troops on top of the walls this way they dont get cut down by towers and the idiots your attacking often dont know whee to look.

now to war!!
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PostSubject: Re: rome total war tips   rome total war tips Icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 1:30 am

Brilliant game, love it...

A good tip if using elephants keep them away from your main army, if they go rogue they make a mess of everything in their path.... Very Happy

always assume all your army are idiots when setting up your army for siege make sure they have a clear line of attack that does not harm your own troops infront of them... Very Happy

don't underestimate the use of diplomacy, it gives you i enough time to build a force large enough to invade your new friends.. Very Happy
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rome total war tips
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