the tavern of marius
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the tavern of marius

a forum for all based in an old world tavern
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 the rules of marius

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the rules of marius Empty
PostSubject: the rules of marius   the rules of marius Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 5:59 am

here are the rules of the taven as set down by the landlord marius the red.

1. no bad swearing . (this tavern is full of beer dwarfs ,used to place your ale on the heads and keep you hands free ,when taught bad words these creatures can repeat bad words for along time. so keep it clean)
2. no racisam . (i dont care what color your skin in here everbody is green ,due to the bad light and windows made of old beer bottles)
3. no posting of sexual material ,it will be removed and sold to goblins alien
4. no horses in the main bar
5. mairus is always right Twisted Evil
6. if marius in proved wrong the person who proves him wrong must buy a round of beer for all members

7. please enjoy you time in the tavern and make it a good place for all.
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the rules of marius
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