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 Arn templer knight

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PostSubject: Arn templer knight   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:42 pm

This movie is one of the best tepler knight movies I have ever seen.

This is not only a story of war its actully a love story, or should I say forbidden love story.

A young boy Arn is sent to live in a monastry after his mother promises him to god if he survives an illness, the head of the monastry is not happy to raise a boy to become a monk and so once they teach him how to read and write (and a little sword play from a monk who had retured from the crusades) the boy (now a young man) is sent home.
Once home he falls in love with a girl betrothed to a rival clan. and the girl confides to her sister that she is to have his child. the sister lies and tells everyone that the young man has slept with both sisters ,the church excomunicates the boy and the girl for 20 years. he is sent to the crusades as a templer knight and his true love sent to a convent under the care of crule nun.

Will the lovers ever see each other again? you will have to watch to find out, but this movie is well worth the watch .the battle scenes and action are great too!

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Arn templer knight
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