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 not a reveiw but a hint for riddick fans

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PostSubject: not a reveiw but a hint for riddick fans   Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:33 am

i found this when i was surfing today Laughing i hope it comes to fruit

A third Riddick film is in development titled, simply, Riddick. As of August 10, 2011 they have begun casting.[15][16]

Riddick is being financed independently, meaning there won't be as much over-the-top effects and action as with Chronicles, but more a rough simple feel like with Pitch Black.[15][16]

The plot will find the titular criminal once more on the run from mercenaries who want the hefty reward his head will bring, he once again ends up on a planet teaming with unfriendly alien beasts. The beginning of the story will likely tie into the ending of Chronicles and feature cameos from characters who have appeared in the previous films.[15][16]

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PostSubject: Re: not a reveiw but a hint for riddick fans   Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:47 am

Well, I think that excellent news Marius. Magnificent as The chronicles of Riddick may have been I still am secretly a fan of Pitch Black which had a beautiful dark and sinister style... I'll be sure to give the new follow up a closer look tongue
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not a reveiw but a hint for riddick fans
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